Current Updates

The three most recent issues of each bulletin are published below. Earlier editions can be found in the Update Archive section of the blog.

Full text links are provided where available within each update. Many documents are available freely, but please log in to Athens for best results when accessing articles.  If you do not have an Open Athens account, you may register here.

Those member libraries that have access to the elctronic document supply service, known as BaseDocs may use the service to request article.  To register for the BaseDoc service, click here.

If you cannot access the full text article, please contact your local trust library for assistance.  There may be a charge for this services.

To view bulletins by topic, click on the link for each issue below.

Cardiothoracic Update

  • Title on Hold

Child, Infant and Neonatal Update

Continence Assessment Update

Critical Care and Anaesthesia Update

  • Title on Hold

Dementia and Elderly Care Update

Dermatology Update

Diabetes and Endocrinology Update

Discharge Planning Update

ENT and Audiology Update

Fall Update

Gastroenterology Update

Haematology Update

Health Management

Infection Prevention Update

Nephrology Update

Neurology Update

Nutritional Assessment Update

Ophthalmology Update

Orthopaedic Update

Palliative and End of Life Update

Respiratory Medicine Update

Rheumatology Update

Simulation Update

Therapy Services

Tissue and Wound Care Update

Urgent and Emergency Medicine Update

Women’s Health Update



Last updated 18/4/16  PC


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